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What it’s all about – in brief

mingle is a platform for people living in Europe who want to become involved in the process of opinion building and want to change things. mingle ensures that these people have a voice.

At mingle you can take part in the decision-making processes that affect the business and academic worlds and concern the public. This allows you to influence the society in which we will all live tomorrow.

And here’s what you can expect

As a member of mingle you will take part in market and opinion research surveys. Online questionnaires are probably the most common form of survey. However, sometimes we may invite you to send in your opinion via a questionnaire on your mobile. We also carry out regular research projects in which you can exchange views with others on interesting topics in a closed community. Or we might ask you to test a product of a well-known brand manufacturer at home.

As a mingle member you will also have the exclusive opportunity to take part in our opinion trend surveys. In this series of surveys, we invite mingle members to give their opinions on current topics. We publish the results of these opinion trends on our website and in our blog.

As you can see – there are lots of exciting opportunities to get involved and to tell us your opinion at mingle.

We guarantee transparency & fairness

Whatever project we offer you, your participation is always entirely voluntary. You can decide for each project whether you want to take part or not. We also guarantee you 100% data protection in accordance with the stringent standards of the market research industry. No adverts, no spam, no costs.

Naturally, your involvement is worth a lot to us

You will receive bonus points for taking part. You can donate these points to well-known charities, trade them in for shopping vouchers or have the equivalent cash value paid into your bank account. We think you can’t say fairer than that!

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