The mingle rules

Clear, transparent and easy to understand. Our rules.


Your membership of mingle is free of charge, without obligation and can be ended by both parties at any time. You may only register if you are over 16 years old. You may not have more than one membership account with mingle.

You will be invited per email to take part in online questionnaires and for mobile questionnaires you will be invited by text message. Each time your invitation will tell you roughly how long the questionnaire will last, how long the period of participation is and what the reward will be.

Whether you want to take part in a survey or not is entirely up to you. If you choose not to take part in certain questionnaires there will be no disadvantage to you.

The contents of every project are strictly confidential and are subject to copyright law. The duplication, distribution or any form of use require the written permission of the respective author and/or originator.

Each questionnaire is targeted at members with specific characteristics. This means that not all members are able to take part in all of the questionnaires. For this reason, there is no automatic entitlement to be able to take part in particular projects. You can end your membership at any time. Your membership will also end automatically if you do not react to any of our emails for over 12 months.


You will be rewarded for taking part in questionnaires and you will be given bonus points for your answers. The points are awarded according to the content of the questionnaire and the amount of time it takes to answer it. Points will always be credited to your account after you have completed the survey project. If, for some reason there is no incentive attached to a particular survey then you will be told about this in advance in the invitation email.

If you have at least 2000 mingle points, then you can trade these in for a cash transfer to your bank account or for a shopping voucher. In addition, you can donate the equivalent cash value to charity. As soon as you have 2000 mingle points on your account, you can redeem the points within 3 months. After the 3 months, the points will expire.

If you do not accept an invitation to participate in a survey for more 3 months, your mingle account will be deactivated. Your membership will end automatically if you do not react to any of our emails for over 12 months. All the points, which you accumulated up to the time when your account was deactivated will expire. Your points will also expire, if you choose to end your membership with mingle.

You can view your points balance at any time on your personal mingle page. You can find more information about the online shops in which you can spend your points and information on donating to charity on your personal mingle page under the heading ‘Redeeming points’.

The respondi team will ensure that the donations are passed on to the charities in the proper manner. respondi also coordinates the exchange of points into vouchers. The relevant business partners are responsible for redeeming the vouchers. respondi may change its cooperation partners at its discretion.

Prize draws

For some surveys, we carry out prize draws. You will be informed about the prizes to be awarded in these draws in the invitation email. The winners will be drawn from all mingle members who completed the questionnaire within the time period allotted.

The respondi team will inform the winners of the prize draw by email, using the address they have registered with. Following this, they will have 15 days to tell respondi their postal address and thus accept the prize. If they do not contact respondi within this time period then their right to the prize will expire. For prize draws the judges’ decision is final. respondi staff are not entitled to take part in mingle prize draws.

Data protection

Personal data / Intended purpose

respondi AG – the administrator of the platform – will gather some personal details about you at the beginning of your membership and will store this data until your membership ends. These details are always used by us anonymously and only for the purposes of market and social research. If you leave mingle then your details will be deleted immediately.

As a market research company our work is subject to strict regulations for protecting your details. These professional and ethical standards are internationally regulated. They are drawn up by the worldwide market research association ESOMAR. We also belong to national market research associations in several countries. These associations also thoroughly and stringently regulate the protection and use of your details and their guidelines are binding for their members. These data privacy statements do not cover websites of third parties, where you can go using links on our website.

Within the framework of your registration, we ask for your name, your email address, information about your household and to your person (e.g. family status, level of education, occupation). All personal data submitted will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Along with your personal data you may provide demographic data (such as interests, job and education). You can view and alter this profile data at any time on our website. From time to time, we will invite you to update your profile data. The invitation can be sent via a normal profile survey or within the framework of a regular research project. Furthermore, we reserve the right to enrich your demographic data with additional information.

Together with your personal data, we use this information to build up a panel of people who want to participate in market and social research projects. With the gathered information, we can filter which member is suitable for a specific research survey based on the specifications requested by our customers. Moreover, it may happen that your demographic data in selected research projects, together with your answers from a study for analytical purposes will be forwarded on to our client. Of course, there is no transfer of your personalized data.

Moreover, respondi saves paradata (e.g. to frequency of participation), which are collected during your membership. This data, together with your answers from a study for analytical purposes could also be forwarded on to our clients in selected research projects.

Your data is stored on ISO-certified servers in Germany. As soon as the membership is ended by respondi or the member, all personalized data, as well as demographic data, is deleted from the database. This ruling does not apply to the data which we are obliged to save. This includes personalised data, which is collected with regards to the payment of rewards and other data which, due to accounting or tax purposes, has to be stored for 10 years.

By registering with mingle, you agree to allow us to send you invitations to survey projects via email (or push notification in the case of the mingle app). We may also send you an invitation to certain projects by text message. However, your permission will be requested prior to you receiving a text message. We also use your personal data to process your incentives and with your permission to furthermore inform you about the latest news from mingle.

The results of the studies are always used in an anonymous form. The information you give in questionnaires will be treated in accordance with the strict data protection laws. Your answers will also never be linked with your name and address or passed on to third parties. Our customers only receive this anonymous data but will never receive your personal data. Hence, it is not possible for a third party to link your answers to your personal data.

For further information about the protection of data and the use of personal information, please contact:

Jörg Tschasche, Data Protection Officer, respondi AG

Tel: +49 221 272318 0 or by E-Mail to

Disclosure of Information.

Your personal data may be forwarded to companies, which provide a service for our business. Your personal data will only be used and processed for these specific services. These services include, email distribution in our name, delivery of prizes from prize draws and the distribution of our incentives (donations, vouchers and bank transfers).

We reserve the right to forward your personal data on to third parties in exceptional cases if we receive a request by a legal or official body, or if we, in good faith, believe the sharing of the information to be necessary.

If respondi is sold to another company or a part of the company is sold or merged, we will inform you of this and of the possibilities regarding your personal data.

Recommend friends campaigns

Occasionally you will have the chance to participate in our recommend mingle to a friend campaign. By providing an email address and name, you can recommend mingle to friends. Your friends will then automatically receive an email from us in your name. We presume that you have the permission of your friends for this purpose. The email of your friend is only used for the invitation to mingle and to understand the success of this campaign.

Profile Extension

We may purchase marketing data of third parties and aggregate such data with our panel only with the goal to provide aggregated data for market research analysis purposes to our customers. In such a case, we will ask for you explicit permission prior to sending your associated personal data to our customers.

mingle Cookies

Cookies are used on the mingle website. These small files are stored automatically in your browser. The mingle cookies make it possible for you to conveniently access the pages of respondi mingle. The cookies ensure that you can log into your personal mingle page at any time and that you remain logged in to the mingle pages while surfing the net. Furthermore, cookies allow surveys which have already been conducted to be accessed again, if they are interrupted for some reason.

You can disable mingle cookies in your browser settings at any time. However, a participation in mingle is then limited and may result in you being suddenly logged out of the mingle pages. Please ensure that if you have disabled the mingle cookies, you then log in to the correct language page of mingle, so that you can redeem your points for the rewards.

Third Party Cookies

Furthermore, we may use third party cookies. This enables the analysis of the websites or advertisements you have visited. This can be tracked by a third party and passed on to us. We may use this information for internal purposes or we may use it in the scope of market research projects which our customers have ordered. We may also link that data with your answers from survey projects. However, we will never link any personal data to this.

We reserve the right to forward this information, in anonymous form, on to a third party. Furthermore, this information can be used to increase the efficiency of our online advertising.

It is possible that we allow a customer to include contents on the survey pages which use cookies. We would like to make it clear, we have neither access nor control over these cookies. These cookies are subject to their respective privacy policies. The acceptance of cookies that are placed by us or a third party can be declined at any time by you. For this purpose, you will need to adjust your privacy settings in your web browser. In your browser settings you can either configure your browser so all cookies are accepted, declined or so that you will be informed each time about cookies.-accept or decline cookies by default. Due to the fact that every browser is different, please read your browser help section, to learn about different cookie settings. For more information about third party cookies and to learn how to identify which cookies are actually being placed in your browser and how to delete them, please visit: or or

You can find a detailed overview about the cookies which can be found on the mingle website here.

Web analysis service

Furthermore, the web analysis service Matomo is implemented on our internet site. Matomo is an Open-Source-Software, which evaluates how the visitors access the website. The analysis is made possible by the use of cookies. The cookies collect information with regards to your use of our website. These are then saved on a Matomo server in Germany. Your IP address will continue to be anonymous. However, you are able to prevent cookies by Matomo being saved on your computer. For this purpose, you have to modify the settings on your internet browser. Please note, as a result you will not be able to use the full features of our website.

Facebook Social Plug in

Our website uses social plugins (“plugins”) provided by the social network, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). The plugins are identifiable by a Facebook logo (white letter f on blue background or a thumb up icon) or the notice “Facebook Social Plugin”. For a full list of all social Plugins please see here. When you visit a page of our website that contains a social plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to Facebook servers. Facebook directly transfers the plugin content to your browser which embeds the latter into the website, enabling Facebook to receive information about your having accessed the respective page of our website. Thus we have no influence on the data gathered by the plugin and inform you according to our current state of knowledge.: The embedded plugins provide Facebook with the information that you have accessed the corresponding page of our website. If you are logged into Facebook, your visit can be assigned to your Facebook account. If you interact with the plugins, for example by clicking “Like”, or entering a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and stored by it. Even if you are not logged into Facebook, there is possibility that the plugins transmits your IP-address to Facebook. For the information on the purpose and scope of data collection and procession by Facebook, as well as your rights in this respect and settings options for protecting your privacy please visit Facebook's privacy policy . If you are a Facebook member and do not want Facebook to connect the data concerning your visit to our website with your member data already stored by Facebook, please log off Facebook before entering our website. Further you can block Facebook social Plugins by using add-ons for your browser, like the Facebook Blocker.

Twitter Social Plug in

Furthermore, we use plugins provided by twitter. These plugins are provided by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. They are recognizable through terms such as “Twitter” or “Follow” in combination with the symbol of a blue bird. Please also refer to the Twitter privacy policy .

IP address and digital fingerprint

At the time of participation of surveys, respondi saves the IP address and browser settings for statistical and analytical purposes, in order to avoid a duplicate participation. This information will not be passed on to a third party and is never used together with your personal data when surveys are being evaluated.

In order to support repsondi’s customer in guaranteeing the integrity of survey results, respondi uses a further measure in the form of digital fingerprint technology. In general, digital fingerprint technology applies to the unique identification of the user, so that the computer can both be identified and followed. The technology analyses publically available information and data which has been collected by the internet browsers of the computer and other publically accessible data points, e.g. technical settings, unique characteristics and IP address of the computer to establish a unique identification which can assigned to the computer. The unique identification is only used once and respondi does not save the analysed data. Apart from respondi’s efforts to support its customers effort to both protect and guarantee the integrity of the data, respondi can (a) link or connect your unique identification with your or your personal data (b) share your unique identification with respondi’s customer and (c) accept or receive a unique identification allocated to you by a third party. Any unique identification which has been acquired by respondi and is/has been linked to a specific person, will be/has been protected according to data protection guidelines.

Links to external websites

You can find web links on our website or in emails that are linked to websites from other companies or organizations. respondi assumes no responsibility for any information, products, services or materials associated with these external sites.

Your right to data access

In case you need further information with regards to our privacy policy or the security of our website, please contact us under

Changes to data protection guidelines

respondi reserves the right to change its security and data protection measures, if further technical developments deem it necessary to adapt this data protection policy. This data protection does not apply to external links, which refer to interne offers by third parties.