Frequently Asked Questions

And our answers to topics such as invitations, terms and conditions of participation, surveys and data protection

mingle, market research and opinion trend surveys

What is mingle? Who operates the opinion platform? And what is respondi?

mingle is an online market research platform of respondi AG. respondi is a leading market research company. We have been operating mingle – formerly known as the respondi panel - since 2005. Today mingle has over 300,000 members.

mingle is a platform for people in Europe who would like to get involved in the process of opinion building in their country. To do so, they answer the questions that the business and academic worlds are currently posing.

What can I expect from mingle? What kind of surveys are there?

As a member of mingle you will take part in market and opinion research surveys. Online questionnaires are probably the most common form of survey. However, sometimes we may invite you to send in your opinion via a questionnaire on your mobile. We also carry out regular research projects in which we invite you to exchange views with others on interesting topics in a closed community. Or we might ask you to test a product of a well-known brand manufacturer at home.

Whatever project we offer you, your participation is always entirely voluntary. You can decide for each individual project whether or not you would like to take part.

Who does mingle work for? And what is the mingle trend?

We carry out most of our surveys for external clients which is how we finance ourselves.

We also operate the mingle trend, a series of surveys, in which we invite mingle members to give their opinion on current topics. We publish the results of these opinions on our website and in our blog. The public is able to publish or pass on these results free of charge.

What does mingle have to do with market and opinion research? And what does this mean for me?

We and our clients carry out market and opinion research. What this means to you is that your opinion really can make a difference.

You will take part in surveys which are used by the business world and academia to answer pressing and current issues. This is why your opinion is always relevant and important.

For you, market and opinion research also means that your data is protected very carefully as all the information that we gather about you and your opinions is subject to extremely stringent data protection laws.

Your mingle membership

How do I become a member? Are there any special criteria that I need to meet?

Your membership of mingle is free, without obligation and can be ended by both parties at anytime. You may only register if you are over the age of 16. You may not own more than one mingle membership account.

If I register, will it cost me anything? Do I enter into any kind of obligation?

There is no cost to you at all. And you do not enter into any kind of commitment. You decide if you want to take part in our surveys. And you can end your mingle membership at any time.

Will respondi try to sell me anything? Will I get promotional emails or spam?

We have no desire to sell you anything nor will we bother you with adverts. The only mail that you will find in your in-box are invitations to take part in our surveys and information on in-housematters.

Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions?

You can find the current mingle rules here.They also act as our General Terms and Conditions.

If you have not yet accepted the current mingle rules yet:

These mingle rules apply to members who have joined mingle between May 28th 2010 and January 28th 2016 only.

These mingle rules apply to all our members who register for mingle before 28 May 2010.

What do I do if I can’t remember which email address I used to register with?

Please send us a quick email with your name and your full address to:

How can I end my membership?

You can end your membership at any time. Should you wish to do this, then please log in with your email address and password in your personal mingle page. Under the option ‘Your Personal Details’ please select 'Your account' and then 'Edit'. There, you will find a button 'Unsubscribe'.

Your personal data will be completely deleted when you end your membership. Please note that mingle points, which have not been redeemed will be lost after you unsubscribe. If the minimum payment threshold of 2000 mingle points has not been reached, then there is no entitlement to claim the collected points.

Your membership ends automatically if you have neither responded to our emails nor participated in our surveys for more than of 12 months. Please note that your collected mingle points will be lost, when the membership is cancelled.

Your personal data, data protection and anonymity

How can I change or complete my personal details?

Please log in as usual. You can change or complete your details on your personal page under "Your personal details".

What does mingle need my personal details for?

We carefully select our members for specific surveys. This selection is based on the information that we hold about you. We collect this data from a short questionnaire at the beginning of your membership.

You can update and add to the details in your personal profile at any time. The more comprehensive and up-to-date your profile is, the better we can avoid sending you invitations to take part in unsuitable surveys or the more unlikely it is that you will miss surveys that would be good for you. On no account will we pass on your personal details to anyone.

Why do some invitation links lead to surveys by other companies? Are my personal details safe there?

You will be linked to another website if we are working with external clients. These will always be well-known research institutes, universities and companies. Personal details will not be passed on to these partners at any point.

What happens to my details when I take part in a survey? Can anyone else see my answers?

All survey results are anonymous. There is no way of identifying you as a person. Your personal survey results will never be passed on separately to third parties. Only the anonymised or summarized end results of all respondents will be used.

Does mingle record any other information about me?

When you visit your members area and when you take part in a survey some information is automatically saved about you. We record your IP address, the date and time of access, the type of browser and the operating system of your computer. This information simply serves to ensure that each member only registers once with mingle and only takes part once in a survey.

This information is not recorded in a way that is connected to you personally and will never be linked to your personal details in any way.

How can I change my password?

After you have logged into your personal area, you can change your password under the heading ‘Your Personal Details’.

What do I do if I forget my password?

On the mingle website homepage you will find a link for this entitled ‘Forgotten your password?’.

Invitations, topics and results of questionnaires

What are the questionnaires about? Do I need to meet any special criteria?

The topics of our questionnaires are very different. Taking part in them does not require any prior knowledge. The only thing that is important is that you are interested in giving your opinion.

How does a questionnaire work? How long does it take to answer them? How often will I be invited?

We will invite you to take part in each questionnaire by email. In it, we will inform you about the approximate length of the questionnaire and the corresponding number of mingle points that you will receive for taking part in the survey. In this email you will also be given your personal link to the questionnaire.

On average, the questionnaires usually take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete.

You will be invited to take part in a questionnaire about twice a month. The frequency with which you will be invited can vary sometimes.

How much time do I have after I receive the invitation to take part in a questionnaire?

As a rule, our surveys remain active for several days. Sometimes it can happen that a questionnaire is closed shortly after it has started because a sufficient number of people have taken part.

Can I interrupt a survey or go back to the start and do it again? Can I see the results and change any entries I have made afterwards?

Unfortunately this is not usually possible for technical reasons. If you have started a survey, you should try and take the time to complete it.

Why do I always have to answer the same questions time and again in a questionnaire, for instance, about my age or where I live? Why do you ask for my income in some surveys?

Both of these are important for methodological reasons: often it is these pieces of information that are particularly important for analysing the surveys. It also allows us to ensure that your details are up to date.

Why does a questionnaire continue to run even if I have stated that I don’t use a certain product or wouldn’t buy it?

It is only possible to evaluate and improve services and products with your help. That is why we are interested in why you wouldn’t want to buy or use a particular product. We also want to know what expectations or requirements you have for this kind of product.

Why do you formulate some questions in such a long-winded and lengthy manner?

For methodological reasons we have to formulate our questions as precisely as possible – sometimes this makes them a bit longer or sound a bit ponderous. We just want to make sure that no misunderstandings can arise as regards the content.

What do the messages ‘Unfortunately you do not belong to this target group’ and ‘Unfortunately we already have sufficient respondents from your target group’ mean?

Some of our questionnaires are directed at a very specifically defined target group. In such cases, we only need to poll a specific group of people with particular characteristics. If you do not belong to this group, we would like to save you the time and effort of replying.

Sometimes it is also possible that a survey was designed for only 100 respondents and unfortunately you are the 101st person who would like to take part.

In such cases the questionnaire will end automatically with one of the above messages.

What can I do if I have a question or want to pass on a tip about a questionnaire? Can I suggest topics myself?

Just send us an email with your question to We are particularly happy to receive ideas and suggestions for topics! This allows us to find out first-hand the things that concern our members.

Bonus points, prize draws, donations, vouchers & cash payments

How does respondi mingle reward my participation in surveys?

You will be rewarded for taking part in questionnaires. You will be given bonus points for your answers. The points are allocated according to the content of the questionnaire and the time you will need to spend on it. The points are always credited to your account after you have taken part in the survey.

If you don’t belong to the target group of a survey, we will credit your account with up to 10 mingle points. In cases where there is no incentive for participating in a certain survey, this will be specifically stated in advance in the invitation email for this particular survey. For some surveys we also carry out prize draws. You will be informed of the prizes allotted for the draw in your invitation email. The winners will be drawn from all of the mingle members who completed the questionnaire within the specified time period.

What exactly are mingle points? Where can I see my current points total?

mingle points are the currency of our bonus system. 1000 mingle points are equivalent to eight GBP. You can view your points total at any time in the login area of the mingle website.

What can I redeem my points for and how does it work?

If you have the minimum number of mingle-points or more in your account, you can exchange these for a cash transfer into a bank account or a gift voucher. In addition you can donate their equivalent value.

You can find more information about the online shops where you can spend your points, and also information on opportunities for donating or the possibility of trading your points in for cash in your personal log-in area under the heading ‘Redeeming Points’.

Do my mingle points lapse after a certain period?

As soon as you have 2000 mingle points on your account, you can redeem the points within 3 months. After the 3 months, the points will expire.

If you do not accept an invitation to participate in a survey for more 3 months, your mingle account will be deactivated. Your membership will end automatically if you do not react to any of our emails for over 12 months. All the points, which you accumulated up to the time when your account was deactivated will expire.

Your points will also expire, if you choose to end your membership with mingle.

Can I earn a monthly wage by taking part in surveys?

No. The mingle points are simply a compensation for your time and effort.

You’re asking for my IBAN and BIC codes? Where can I find these?

BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code and helps us to identify your bank. The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally standardized code needed to precisely locate bank accounts abroad. Your bank will provide you with this information.